Sunday, December 21, 2014

Keef's picks

I posted a few days back about some movies I bought online and got in the mail.  I've had time to watch  a couple of them, so here are my thoughts.  The first one I watched was Bang Bang!  Yes, the song/dance numbers were better than Knight and Day, but I was disappointed.  It had it's moments, but it still wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be.  Cody watched it until the dance number then he left.

After that I watched Gantz and I actually really liked it.  I watched Gantz 2: Perfect Answer the next day and while it was still a good film,  I liked part 1 more.   It's a cool sci-fi action movie with the occasional exploding body and robot getting kicked in the robo balls.  I was bit torn as whether or not I liked the ending, but I liked the series overall.  The action was cool, the effects were good, it had good music and I didn't even mind the talky bits.  The Gantz movies get my recommendation!

The Blu-rays from Hong Kong were surprisingly very good, the English subtitles were better on this than Chinese movies released in Hong Kong.  There were also lots of special features and they were all subtitled as well.   Best part was that the HK  2 disc Blu-ray set was cheaper than having to order just part 1 from

Now I'm temped to dig out my Gantz anime series and finally watch it, but I'm not sure if I should or not as it might change my opinion of the movies.

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