Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Mike, you can quit reading right now because you are on Facebook and this is old news to you.  For those of us who aren't on Facebook, the latest issue of Snowboard Canada is out with an article AND the coveted cover shot by one Jeffrey Patterson.  I found out about it without being on Facebook as Jeff's mom told my mom who then told me.  That's how we did things back in the olden days.

It was supposed to be out already, but was delayed for whatever reason and it just hit stores today.  I picked my copy up at Indigo.  In addition to the cover shot Jeff also has more photos and a story of a shoot he did in Ymir.  Now I bet Ymir is going to blow up with back country wannabes flooding in, the locals will be pissed and it will all be Jeff's fault.  Congratulations Jeff!

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