Friday, February 28, 2014


I made it back.  The roads weren't too bad, 533 from Nanton and then Hwy 22 were the worst, but okay.  It was still a boring ass drive though.  Made it back in time to unpack, chill, and watch Castle.  Oh yeah, and check out the new dawg.

My brother got a new dog, Stella, and she isn't a total annoying spazz, so she's okay.  For now...

After watching Castle I went to Mt. Baker, not the bar or the mountain, but the high school.  Logan is playing in a basketball tournament there, so my mom made me go watch it.  It was entertaining and painful to watch at the same.  Lots of bad passing, atrocious lay ups, double dribbles, travelling, going to the wrong hoop and one case of scoring on their own net.  I know they're only 11 and 12 year old grade six kids, but make them run some more drills and learn the basics.

Logan's team from Amy Woodland beat the other team from McKim, it was a blowout at 34-8 or something.  McKim gets some credit for only having 8 players on the entire team, while Amy Woodland had at least three lines of kids.  Some were sitting on the floor because there was no room on the bench.  The McKim kids were looking pretty tired.  Apparently, I have to go watch another game on Saturday then on Tuesday I have to watch some play Amy Woodland is putting on at the Key City.  Being an uncle sucks.

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