Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I had already mentioned I was thinking about getting a new camera and I had told Mike I was thinking about getting another Canon.  After some more looking around and seeing some sales I ended getting a Samsung camera.  It was pretty close between the Canon and Samsung, but in the end I went with Samsung because it has more features than the Canon even though it cost a little bit more.

I don't even remember the exact specs on it now, but I think it's 14 MP and it shoots full HD video.  We actually used it as a secondary camera when we shot the ONE THOUSAND video.

It has 18X optical zoom.

The rear screen is also a touch screen, but you can also cycle through everything with buttons.  It is wi-fi capable and can transfer photos to your computer or smart phone.  I can also use my phone as a remote viewer for the camera and control features such as flash, timer and of course, shutter control.  I have the app downloaded, but haven't tried to set it up yet.

I haven't taken too many picture yet, but so far it seems to work pretty good.  The donut pics turned out good!  The pictures look better than anything I've taken with my phone or my old camera, so that's all I wanted!

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