Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh man, I am smashed!

Remember way back when Cody and I ate at a couple different burger places then I wrote about them?   That was awhile ago and I sort of gave up on it because my attention is non-existent.   Well, we're back to that again because today Cody and I took a trip to Smashburger.

I first spotted a Smashburger over in NE Calgary while I was driving around, I'm not even sure what I was doing over there and it was quite a while ago too, maybe a year and a half or two years ago.  I only wanted eat there because I liked the name Smashburger.  We never got around to check it out because it's over in the ghetto and I'm too white and scared to go over there.

Before Christmas I was driving around in the NW looking for a used sports place because that was when I was looking for a pair of skis and I ended up getting lost and by accident found a Smashburger in a new development called Royal Oaks.  Today I finally got to give it a try!  It was a smashing success!

After you order they give you a number you take to your table then they bring it out to you when it is ready.  You can read the Smashfacts on your number while you wait!

I ordered the BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar burger with Smashfries aka toothpick fries and a Smash drink.  The fries are so damn tiny, but not bad, but not great.  Cody really likes them, but the fries from CB's or Five Guys are better.  They are a look smaller than they look in the picture.

You can order burgers in regular or large size, by looking at the picture you can probably guess I ordered the large size.  I'm guessing if you order the large size, it only increases the size of the patty, not everything else including the bun.

The burger is pretty awesome as it's not steamed ala McDonald's or flame broiled like Burger King, but they cook it on a flat top.  The burger is pressed down on the grill giving a slightly crunchy outer crust which is awesome.

While we were eating one of the staff came by our table and asked how we were doing and how was the food.  That is not something that would ever happen at Wendy's, so that's a plus.   Although, we told the girl "Good" when she asked us how the food was, my first impulse was to say "Incredibly greasy."  That's not a bad thing, it was pretty good, but I'm glad Cody drove there because I was feeling a little sleepy afterwards.

I wrote this out pretty quickly because I wanted to go to bed and I was too busy looking at the Smashburger online menu deciding what I want to try on the next trip back.  Hopefully, the pictures help make up for it.  The good news is that I've decided on the Avacado Club Smashchicken with french fries for the next trip.  I'm just not a fan of Smashfries, sorry Cody.

Here is Cody trying to do up his coat outside Smashburger as we are leaving,  It wouldn't zip up for some reason.

PS ~ They don't really have a Smash drink, but they should considering they already have a Smash burger and Smash fries.  It only makes sense.  They do have malts!  What is a malt?!

PPS ~ Fun fact, we actually tried to eat there once before.  We came by on a Sunday afternoon, but the place was closed because someone broke in.  A guy was cleaning up a bunch of broken glass outside and said something about they would be opening once they cleaned up, but we didn't wait around.  I guess some one took the whole Smashburger concept and little too literally.

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