Saturday, February 22, 2014


I was shopping at Safeway and saw this on the magazine stand at one of the tills and like the sucker I am I bought it.

Seems like Rolling Stone puts out one of these Nirvana collector's issues every couple years now.  I don't blame them as most of the issue is a bunch of collected stories from previous issues of Rolling Stone, so it's easy money.  I still have a couple of the original issues some of the articles appeared in.  Although with this April marking the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death I was expecting them to exploit that a little more and maybe go bigger.  It needs to be a hardcover!  With fancy gold lettering on the cover! With a dust jacket to protect said fancy gold lettering!

FYI, the mag is ridiculously overpriced, so save your $15.  Yes, it costs it $15, and that's why corporate magazines suck.


Cara said...

The biggest shocker from this post was not the price of the Rolling Stone but the fact that you were shopping at Safeway.

Keef said...

I work at Superstore, but I shop at Safeway or Co-op. Even though Superstore is cheaper and I get a discount, I just can't do it.