Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel advisory

Friday after I finish work at 11 am I'll be heading back to Cranbrook for a few days.  The good news is that it's supposed to snow tonight and the price of gas went up.  Wait...that's not good news!!  It's supposed to snow all throughout southern Alberta tonight, with accumulations ranging from less than 1 cm to 10 cm.  I think it's only for tonight and then it supposed to clear up in the day.  Still stinks.  Then I swear yesterday I saw gas at 112.9/L then when I went and filled up like an hour ago it was 120.9/L.  The hell?!  Then when I get back to Cranbrook I think it's supposed to snow there for a couple days.  That isn't that bad as I'm hoping to go skiing.   I'll be doing that and the usual stuff of hanging out and going through my boxes upon boxes of crap.

In the meantime, here is a fabulous new product you all should try.

Pudding' Squeez!

I know I'm tired of eating my pudding with spoon like a savage, so this handy pouch is much more accommodating.  Just open it and squeeze in your waiting mouth.  Why wouldn't you want a Puddin' Squeez?!  Try one today, then thank me later.

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