Monday, February 17, 2014

Good or Evil?

Are you a Jedi or a Sith?  It's the age old question everyone asks themselves and now I'm about find out what dwells within me with the Dark Side Detector.

"Learn about electricity you will."

It's a Star Wars Science kit by Uncle Milton.  I've seen a couple different types of these Star Wars meets science kits before, most of them in the toy aisle at Liquidation World(RIP). 

You have to assemble the lightsaber yourself, but luckily they included a sheet of photocopied instructions.

Thanks Uncle Milton, I don't think I could've figured it out on my own.

Ta-da!  I didn't even look at the instructions when I put together!  It's all ready to test, but before we do that let's take a minute to learn about electricity.

Haha, yeah right, I'm not going to read anything that might make me less dumb!  At least they sprung and got this page printed on some glossy paper AND in colour.

And now the moment of truth....drum roll or whatever...

That's right, I'm 100% pure unrelenting evil.  DARK SIDE FTW!!

The reverse side of the edumacational page has facts about the force, lightsabers, Jedis and my homies, the Sith.

That "Cool Fact" isn't very cool.

The Sith may be evil, but they aren't very cool.  I'm seriously considering a turn to the light side.

Now that Uncle Milton has the Dark Side Detector, I wonder if they plan on releasing a Jedi Detector?  A home kit to check your midi-chlorian count would be pretty handy.  I wonder how they would do it, a urine test?  Blood test?  Check your hair follicle?  Now that would be science-y!

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