Friday, April 19, 2013


Today I had some free time in the afternoon, so I drove up to Kimberley to check out their thrift stores.  I went to the Hospital Aux just off the platzl and when I went in I checked out sign of items they don't take.  It's a pretty big list of stuff they won't take and scateboards is still one there, but so is lawn darts.

I'm sure they'd love to take  them except they've been banned in Canada and the US for over twenty years now.  How come lawn darts have been banned, but not something like say assault rifles?  I'm pretty sure more people have been killed by guns than lawn darts.   If the cops drove by your house and you were playing with them on your front lawn would you be arrested?

Now I know if I ever see some old school metal tipped lawn darts at a garage sale I should buy them.  They are a major collector's item.  Also, they're more fun to play with since they're illegal.  I suppose you should be careful carrying them around because if you walked in a store with one if your hand they might think you're robbing the place.

Sorry Cara!

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