Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wheels up

I was chillin' at Dollarama the other day just seeing what they had and not buying any candy when I spotted a cool Hot Wheels display case.  It's not just any display case, but it's part of the "Wall Tracks" line of cars racing on the walls because cars on the floor is not cool enough.  That said, it is a display unit for you Hot Wheels cars that sticks on the wall.

The display rack sticks on the wall with the patented 3M Command strips.  It holds five cars and even comes with a free car.

I can see why they are giving this car away for free in the pack because it's so ugly nobody would pay money for it by itself.  It's a turd with wheels.

I hung up my display rack and filled it with the A-Team van, the General Lee, the truck from The Fall Guy and a DeLorean.  I didn't have a fifth cool TV/movie car to fill the last slot and there was no way I putting the turd car in there, so I put in an AMC Pacer X.  It will be in there just until I find my KITT.

Now that's classy!

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