Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meanwhile at Dollarama...

At the same time I was getting the Hot Wheels wall display rack I also picked up an Avengers blind toy bag.  You can get one of three types of toys of various Avengers.

Inside in the bag you have a chance to either get a mini figure, disc launcher or skateboard.  Those are actually not bad choices as I wouldn't mind getting any of those toys, except maybe for the Loki mini figure.  I was really hoping for a disc launcher because it's something that shoots, so it's already awesome.

But of course I didn't get one!  I got a Hawkeye skateboard instead which isn't too bad because scateboards are radical.

I like how they include a sheet of all the different toys, so you can see the ones you really want but will never ever get.

I was actually at Dollarama to get a cheap small CD wallet, but they didn't have one which seems really odd.  They did however have some CD player cases.

That thing is awesome because it holds your discman and accessories and even some CDs!  I just took this picture, but maybe I should've bought one.  I think I still have a portable CD player (a Koss!) in a box in the basement.  I don't have a fancy case for it, so it's in a ziplock bag.  I used to use it in my old Wrangler because it only had a cassette player, so I listened to my CD player via a cassette adapter.

The Hot Wheels rack and other above stuff I got at the Dollarama on Macleod Trail that is beside Cash Converters.   It's a bit of a drive, but it's the closest location to us...or is it?  Cody was telling me that he heard they opened a Dollarama over by Westbrook Mall, a total dirt mall, so naturally I had to go check it out.

Turns out there is a Dollarma there and it's all nice, new and shiny inside.  It must've just opened because they seem to be still filling shelves.  My biggest complaint is no CD cases and no Avengers toys!  I'll never get my Hulk disc launcher now.  To curb my disappointment I bought myself something else that shoots.

I saw this in the party section and thought it was pretty cool, a confetti gun.  It seems pretty small, they should make bigger ones.  Instead of a revolver style, why not a pump action shotgun confetti gun?  Bazooka?

I like the warning on the back of the package and the wording of the last line.  I'm really itching to give this thing a try, but where and when would I use it?  I don't want to use it inside because it will make a mess and be a pain to clean up.  Then again I don't want to use it outside because then they'll be confetti bits out the ground which will be a lot harder to clean up.  I guess it's only paper, so it is biodegradable.   Plus I have wait until it is New Years or someone's birthday to use it.  Then again getting a confetti gun is reason in itself to celebrate.

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