Monday, April 22, 2013

Vacation ended

I'm back in Calgary.  I left just after 10 am this morning and drove the north route again.  Last night it actually snowed in Cranbrook and there was still some snow on the grass up in Goldcreek this morning.  The good news is that it was sunshine and blue skies the entire drive back to Calgary.  Why does the weather suddenly get nice when I have to leave?

This time I even came back to Calgary with less stuff than I left with.  I gave my sister some of my old stuff to try and sell which she already did and I've got the money to prove it!  I did come back with a cold, so that sucks.  This is the first time I've been sick this year and I thought I was going to make through until summer without getting sick.  I was pretty close.  Probably got it from one of my germ laden nephews, most like Avery or as I like to call him, "Boogernose".  It's cuz he's usually got a booger hanging from his nose.

On Sunday, Matt and Julie did some cleaning up at the house including taking down the old shed in the front yard.  It doesn't get used much anymore except for storing a couple things no one ever uses.  I would've helped, but I was sick and it was cold and windy out.  It did warm up later on and the sun came out briefly.



I also got an e-mail from my Mom which means she made it to Hong Kong and she also figured out the wi-fi and her new G-mail account on her iPad.  She said the flight there was 13 hours and the HK airport was really busy.  It took her hour to get through customs and get a taxi.  She sent a picture from the airport.

That doesn't look busy at all!

On the drive back this morning I had just passed the Fort Steele turn off and as I was driving I noticed a bald eagle.  It wasn't flying around or sitting up in a tree, but standing on the ground beside the road.  I've never seen a bald eagle that close up before and it was huge, a lot bigger than I thought, it was giant.  Seems weird it would be standing on the ground, but it probably just ate someone's dog.  Did I mention the eagle was enormous?! Well, it was.

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