Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh deer

This morning I dropped off my car at the shop to get the headlight fixed.  They needed to keep it for a bit, so I got to drive around in shop truck.  The shop truck is is new the shop, but old to the road.  It was weird driving it around because I'm not used to it.  I liked that the stereo had a CD and cassette player in it.  Wouldn't that be awesome if you could play both at the same time?

 I had to stop by the house after lunch and when I drove up there were two deer right beside the house.  When I pulled in they moved back a bit, but didn't really do much even when I got out of the truck.  One just stood there and stared at me and the other was just eating grass and not paying attention.

Get off my lawn!  I'll go let the dog out!

Dammit!  She looked right at the deer, but even bother to bark at them. She just lay down the sun.

I met up with Willie a bit later and we visited a few stores including Aabco.  I was looking for a video game, so I had to flip through a bunch of game cases and afterwards my hands felt all filthy and gross.  Willie bought a record and a couple CDs from the Salvation Army including the S Club 7 album.  They actually had the other S Club album, but the case was broken and missing the booklet.  Sorry Willie!

I met Cody (who is also back in Moyie at the moment) at the Columbia Theatre to see G.I Joe: Retaliation.  Willie and Sheryl were fashionable late and showed up literally right as the previews started.  I even wore my G.I. Joe shirt to the movie.  The movie was okay, but not as good as I was expecting.  I had read a couple of reviews saying it was good.  It is sort of the opposite of the first Joe movie where all the reviews was bad, but when I saw it, it was better than I was expecting.

My uncle has some stuff out in our barn and my cousin Cam has a couple boxes of records out there too.  Paul was cleaning it up a bit and wanted to try out the records to make sure they still worked, so he used my old record player.  My record player is an old Seabreeze (made in Canada!) portable record player that I bought at the Salvation Army for $3.99.  Then I spent $50 at some weird audio store in town getting the needle and the belt replaced.  I can't even remember the store's name, but I don't think it lasted a year.

Anyway, Avery wanted me to show him how the "CD player" worked, so I got out my box of records.  We listened to the Fat Boys, The Cute Lepers and the Bachelor Party soundtrack.  The Fat Boys was a 12" single of Louie Louie and I gotta say I liked it.  The old skool beats were pretty funky.  The record player didn't sound too bad either, but make sure the lid is closed, so that way the whole thing acts as a speaker box.

We'll see what exciting adventure I get myself into tomorrow. 

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