Sunday, April 28, 2013

The con is on

I'm talking about the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013 and technically it's over now, but whatever.  I hope no one is expecting a write of things I saw, people I visited and stuff I bought because I never went...again.  This year marks the third year in row I never went, although last year I bought a ticket and almost went, but it was pretty disorganized in terms of crowds, so I didn't even bother.

Last year there were quite a few people I wanted to go see, but was kind of bummed I didn't get to go.  Anyway, I didn't even plan to go again this year despite having lots of cool guests.  This blog post would be pretty short if all I wrote about was how I didn't go to the Expo.  I'll pad it out a bit with a list of guests I would've gone to see if I had actually attended.
  • Stan Lee - Stan was there last year and was the big disappointment for me that I didn't get to me him.  He came back this year which is cool.  Having him sign one of my old issues of Amazing Spider-Man would've been awesome.  He's freakin' Stan Lee!
  • Adam Hughes - Draws real pretty pictures.
  • Dan Parent - Artist for Archie comics, he drew the Archie/KISS cross over.  I also have a Betty and Veronica page he drew.  I got it at another comic thingy.
  • Adam Warren - Adam drew my favorite Gen 13 story of all time, Grunge: The Movie.  I own multiple copies of it including the individual issues and the trade paperback.
  • James O'Barr - the dude that created the Crow.
  • Fiona Staples - Local artist who is blowin' up the comics scenes.  Her new book, Saga, is apparently a big deal, the first printing of issue #1 can go for $100.  I was snoozing on that one and ended up getting a 5th printing.  She was selling sketch books, but looks like I'll never get one.  They'll probably be worth $500.
They had lots of actors and stuff too, but as much as I'd like to meet them, I don't want to because I'm cheap.  If you meet a comic creator/artist, they will sign your stuff for free and you only have to give them money if you buy something from them like books, sketches, etc.  The actors charge you like $30 to sign something you already paid for and brought with you.  I guess they have to make money too, but I don't know.

They had lots of cool movie and TV actors this year like Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick,Weird Al Yankovic, Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Lexa Doig, Eliza Dusku, Michael Biehn and some guy called John Carpenter.  Oh yeah, and freakin' MacGuyver himself Richard Dean Anderson.  They even got inanimate objects like the DeLorean. 

Oh well, I could look on the bright side and say I saved myself a bunch of money by not going.  I'll just go to the smaller, not as cool Calgary Red & White Expo in September.  It is the day after my birthday!

I had read a while ago on the Calgary Comic Expo website that cosplayer Jessica Nigri was supposed to be there, but I guess she had to cancel.  She dresses up as sexy versions of stuff.  I guess she got in trouble at PAX East this year because her one Lollipop Chainsaw outfits was too revealing.

If she had come to the Calgary show and had worn this outfit I probably would've made more of an effort to attend.  Oh well, GIS will do for now...

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