Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do you wanna get high?

Since I'm back in Cranbrook I have to dig around in some of my boxes because it is what I always do.  I found some CDs and cassettes in one box including the soundtrack cassette for Reefer Madness 2.  It was a pretty sweet soundtrack and we put a lot of work into the packaging and whatnot and this was back before we had the luxury of computers to do it for us.  It's all done by hand and thankfully Cam has tidy and legible penmanship.

You've all seen it or own it, but I'll throw it up and take a trip down memory lane. so everyone can has a laugh at our expense.  It's funny what we were into back then.

 I didn't know "potatoe" was spelled with an "e".

I like this "People Who Suck" list, but what's with all the hate for the security guard at the Cranbrook Mall from Cam?  He must've busted Cam for something I guess.  I can't believe I had only one name on that list, but it's a pretty solid addition with Arsenio Hall.

The classic thank yous/shout outs.  Take note that I'm the only one who thanks Mike(y).  I also thanked myself. 

Willie only mentions Jen Green four times on his page, I'm a little disappointed.  I thanked Star Trek and so did Willie, we were both hardcore TNG dudes at the time.

Cam's list is a little more reserved.

The final page in the insert and I'm not sure what it's there for.  I think we ended up with an empty page, but weren't sure what to fill it with.  Insert some stick figures with the letters in the heads that spell "JEN" and Willie gets his way.  Almost every page except for like two has Jen Green's name on it, as I said it's funny to see what we were into back then.  Also, Vendela has still got it going on!

Since it's the 20th anniversary of Reefer Madness we should get to work releasing a special edition Blu-ray with commentary, behind the scenes, making of, new interviews and outtakes.  The soundtrack would also be remastered and released on CD and 180 gram vinyl.  Hey Willie, go start a Kickstarter to get this going will ya?  JEN GREEN!


mike (y) said...

Thanks for the shout-out Keith, you really were the brains in that band.. Not like those other jerks; I mean I can forgive Willie because he's Willie, but not that other guy.. Although technically I'm in 'people who know me' so I guess he's not a jerk either- just Willie.

I prefer your other album though..

Keef said...

Wouldn't the the mall security guard fall into "people who know me"? Now Cam is thanking him?

Cam said...

Man, we should've signed Dean McWhinnie (aka Canadian country superstar Dean Brody) to some sort of recording contract. We'd be rich or something!

Keef said...