Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I showed you guys some pictures from my mom's trip to Taiwan, now you get to see some pictures of the stuff she brought back for me from Taiwan.  She didn't do much shopping in Taiwan because she was just waiting until she got to Hong Kong.

Before she left my mom kept asking me what I wanted from Taiwan.  I didn't really want or need anything, so I just asked for a fridge magnet because you know I'm all about the fridge magnets.

I like this one, it is all nice and chunky.

Murray saw this Bruce Lee pad the one day the two of them went up to the mountains to the place with the E.T. statue, so my mom bought it for me.  Other than a Swatch watch catalog that is all the stuff my mom got me in Taiwan, but don't worry this isn't the end of the post as Murray sent a bunch home for me.

Murray sent back a bunch of stuff from his band including three CDs.  The one in the center that looks like it only had two songs numbered 1 & 3 is actually a split CD with The Ever So Friendlies, a band from Taichung in Taiwan.

Get your swag on!  A couple postcards, some stickers and button.  There is also a Windy City 4 t-shirt that is too small for me!   Thanks Murray!

And a fridge magnet!  I almost hate to say it, but think I'm getting too many magnets on my fridge.  I might have to start removing the lesser cool ones.  Don't worry, the chipmunk is definitely staying.

Murray also sent back a Guitar Wolf record for me which is pretty cool, it's the Japanese pressing.  He must've got when he saw them live in Seoul.  I went and listened to it while I was back because my record player is still sitting out.

It's autographed!  I listened to it, put it in a new plastic sleeve and filed away in a box, for safe keeping.

I've got a few more pictures from Hong Kong too.


Cam said...

I used to dream of one day having the nickname "The Rock n Roll Drifter". Congrats on the WC4 swag, 'This City' is catchy as heck. That song's on the green album, yes?

Keef said...

Yes Cam, "This City" is on the green CD. I can arrange it so you get a copy. I could've done that when I was back. I did drop off another CD for you though.

Don't worry even though the awesome title of "Rock n Roll Drifter" is already taken you can be known as "The Rock n Roll Hobo"! It's almost as cool...well not really.