Sunday, June 16, 2013


Here are the last few pictures from my mom's trip to Hong Kong.  I thought I had a couple more pictures from Macau, but I guess I forgot to e-mail them to myself.

You've already seen a picture from the top of Macau Tower, but here is the tower itself.

I scored some more magnets and these ones are really fancy because they're shiny.  My mom also got me a Macau t-shirt, but I don't think I could fit into it even though it's a XL.  Most shirts will stretch, but this one even though it's cotton does not have any give in any direction.  It's weird.

Back to Hong Kong and this a picture of a bunch of house on stilts in the water.

At the village on stilts my mom got me this good luck/good fortune cat.  I already have one these somewhere, but this one is cooler because it's directly from Hong Kong.  It's even luckier!  Of course since it's actually a Japanese thing, getting one from Japan would be max lucky.

Another night time shot from out in the Hong Kong harbour.

The giant Buddha statue on Lantau Island.

Lots of tourists and lots of stairs.

Well, my mom made it up to the Buddha.  If you want to see it explode then go watch Knock Off with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Rob Schneider.  That movie is so awesome!

More cool magnets and one with the giant Buddha.  I am definitely going to have to organize the fridge.

One last thing from Hong Kong and it is movies!  Don't we have HMV here in Canada?

Bullet in the Head?  Thanks mom!

You can't wrong with a classic like Bullet in the Head from John Woo.  It's nice I can finally upgrade from my old VCD.  I also got Stephen Chow's new movie, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons and the Japanese samurai flick, Ruroni Kenshin.  Ruroni Kenshin is a movie based on a manga(comic) that also spawned an anime.  It's supposed to be pretty good and I'm surprised it hasn't been picked up for a NA release despite being released through Warner Bros in Japan.

That's it!  As I said I thought there were a couple more pictures.  Oh well.

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mike said...

No crazy-eyed rabbit problems for Hong Kong homeowners. You need some stilts for your house Keith.