Sunday, June 23, 2013


I'm pretty sure you guys don't live under a rock, so you know about the crazy flooding and stuff here in southern Alberta.  Cody and I are all good since we live in a higher area.  The thing is I didn't know the flooding was as bad as it was under Friday.  Thursday night I was looking online about it, but didn't think it was that bad.  Friday morning I went to work and was like, "It is only 8:30 am but the store is packed!  What is going on?"

The store was busier than Christmas and it was like all day long.  Since downtown was shut down a lot of people were shopping and some people were preparing the worst and buying essential groceries.  I think we sold out of bottled water just after 10 am.  It was pretty crazy.  Right before I went home there was a short lull, so I decided to grab a few groceries while I could.  I maganed to get the staples like milk, bread, yogurt and chips.

Make that PC Loads of Jalapeno Popper chips to be exact.  I wanted to get some Old Dutch Mexican Chili chips, but we didn't have any.  I got the PC Jalapeno Popper chips instead because I wanted something a little spicy.  I wondered how spicy they would be even though the bag says "Scorching" and has five peppers on it.  Five peppers out of what?  Ten?  One hundred?  Anyway, they are pretty hot, so the "scorching" label lives up to it's name.  I can only eat a few chips and that is it, I'm done, they are a bit too hot for me.  It also sucks because most of the chips are all broken into little bits.  Loads of Jalapeno Popper chip crumbs.

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