Friday, June 14, 2013

Purr Pals

Pretty much every night I watch a bit of the Kitten Rescue Cam because it's totally awesome.  The cats are funny and cute and it helps me relax after work.  The website now has a screen capture option which is kinda cool.   Although, there is a serious lag on my end as when I take a screen capture the image I get hasn't actually happened on my computer yet.  It sucks because if you are trying to take an image of what is happening on screen forget about it because it's already happened.  Anyway, after you take the image you can download it or share it via a number of options.

I took this picture when one of the kittens had climbed up on the sink and knocked down a roll of paper towel to make a mess/play with even though the room is full of toys.

When I first came across the webcam it was a mother cat and four kittens, since then four kittens have been adopted leaving the mom and one kitten.  They also introduced three other younger kittens since then and now they've recently put in two smaller kittens.  It's a lot of cute.

Dinner time!

I guess when there is no paper towel to play with, the litter box scoop with do.

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