Friday, June 28, 2013

Update: Free stuff on the side of the road!

When I came home from work today I noticed some of the free stuff by the side of the road was gone.  The TV and the chair were both gone, the table was still there but someone had added a mesh bag of plastic beach toys.

After I took the picture of the awesome free beach toys I walked down this little pedestrian alley and at the end was a magpie just sitting on the ground.  I walked right up to it and didn't even move.  I figured it was hurt, maybe it flew into a neighboring house.  I took it's picture then it hopped away down the path.  I still had walk by it to get out and now it was bouncing around flapping it's wings and squawking.  It may have been hurt and couldn't fly, but it wasn't that hurt and was still noisy and annoying.  Wait...maybe it's got that deadly new strain of bird flu?


Cara said...

You didn't read the note he left beside him? It probably explained everything.

Keef said...

Littering ain't cool!