Thursday, June 6, 2013


This morning I was checking out the stats for the blog and wondering how the hell I got 289 page views on June 2 and so far for today, it's at 309 page views.  It's not as if people are actually reading the site, it's just the spammers and bots.   I'm getting a lot of spam comments and that really annoys me, so I've started to remove the spam comments every couple days.

This morning I was selecting the spammed comments to deleted them when I accidentally clicked on the "Select all" box, so it selected all the comments on the page and then I hit delete without realizing it.  Normally, you can only view fifty comments on a page, but I had it set to 100, which means I deleted like 90 comments from you guys and not stupid spam bots.

This means you all have to back and re-comment on all the old threads starting back from March 4, 2013.  Thanks so much!  Good news for Cam because that is like three comments, bad news for Mike though.

This morning Mike wrote a comment about me wearing the same green shirt in the Die Hard post as the robot fries posts.  My response was (before I deleted it) that in the robot fry pictures I was originally wearing my blue CBC shirt.  While taking pictures I decided I would be lazy and reuse a couple pics from the Die Hard post, but for continuity's sake I dug the green shirt out of the dirty clothes pile and put it back on.  I suppose it would've been funnier, but I doubt it, if I just left the CBC shirt on so my shirt would be changing with the different pics.

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mike said...

haha, that's dedication!