Saturday, June 8, 2013

Picture time

Now that I'm back I got to collect all the goodies from my mom's trip to Taiwan.  I also got to look at all her pictures she took on her iPad mini.  I picked out a few good ones to share with you guys. 

The one and only, Murray P!  Murray took my mom up to the "mountains" one day by train.  Here he is standing in front of some kind of building.

They were at this small village and my mom said they had some movie thing going on, hence the ET.  She also tried to get a picture of this Spider-Man statue with a built in snake tank for the base, but some dude walked in front as she took the picture.

Lunch time.

Hsin-Chu used to be a walled city and this gate is a monument to that, or something.

 Right behind the gate some kids were break dancing.  Kick it!

Just a couple of scooters.

A park near my uncle's place where my mom would take his dog.  Although she said the streets were pretty crazy with not much room to walk and also there were lots of street dogs, not many of them very nice.  I guess the park was nice once you made it there.

A water dispensing machine, like a gas pump, but for water.  From what I understand the water is mostly used for the laundromat next door.

There was even a picture from when they went to Costco.  Maybe I should've posted a picture of it because it wasn't very busy and I've never seen a Costco that quiet before.  That's all I got for now, but stay tuned for a few more pictures coming soon from Hong Kong. 


mike said...

-If those kids are breakin' where is their cardboard?
-Your Mom should've PeeWee'd those scooters.. but then of course she would have to win over the gangs with wacky dancing so maybe it's better just to keep walking.
-Look someone parked a scooter in the park..

Keef said...

In Taiwan they don't have the luxury of cardboard to break dance on like we do over here. It's just something we take for granted.