Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas past

When I was out getting some groceries the other day I actually remember to get some tin/aluminum foil.  This means I can finally make those Pillsbury Snow Man cookies I wanted to make as a Christmas post.  They expire on Jan 8th, so I figured I better not put it off too much longer.

We had to empty the fridge of stuff to film our video the other day which reminded me that those cookies were still in there.

Some of the Pillsbury cookies require you to cut them from a tube of dough, but these ones were ready to go.  The easier, the better, I like it.

One box makes 24 cookies and I did two sheets of 12 to ensure the proper spacing was required.  At 375F for 8-10 minutes these guys were done.

I've tried making these types of Pillsbury cookies before, but I always end up burning them because I'm not watching the time and leave them in just a minute too long.  This time I was watching the clock like a hawk, if hawks could tell time that is.  The cookies turned out perfect which is a bit of a shock.  I finally made some Pillsbury cookies!  I CAN COOK!!

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