Saturday, January 11, 2014

May the force be with somebody else who is a lot cooler

Last week I was at Phoenix Comics just looking around and not really finding too much, but then I saw something.  Something I had to have!  I was hoping to unveil it in a grander fashion, but I just couldn't wait any longer.

I just couldn't pass up a replica Star Wars X-Wing pilot's helmet.  It's obviously all plastic, but the inside is padded with foam, so you can comfortably wear it.  It's not new either as the stamp on the back is dated Lucasfilm 1997.  I'm guessing it came out around the time of the Special Editions were released in the theatres.

It's pretty cool, but I'm not too sure what to do with it.  OTHER THAN LOOK TOTALLY AWESOME!!

I wonder if it is CSA approved, so I could wear it skateboarding, skiing, or at the construction site.  I could even wear it while driving around in my car.  On the side streets I'd keep the visor up, but once I hit Deerfoot Trail I'd have to lower the visor, because that's where shiat gets real.

Check out some more pictures of the helmet below.

I took that picture of me wearing the helmet by myself, so I had to take a few pictures before I got a decent looking one.  Yes, that one I used is one of the better pictures, believe it or not.  Since I had a lot of leftovers, I just threw them into a fuzzy animated gif.  Enjoy!



Cam said...

That looks about the same size as your Gyro bike helmet!

Cam said...

** Giro

Keef said...

The Star Wars helmet actually fits better and doesn't look as dorky as my old Giro. That thing made my head look like a mushroom which is why I didn't wear it too much.

mike said...

Both you guys must have crashed too many times without a helmet.. Everyone knows Keith wears an Etto..

Actually funny story, I still remember coming down the hill from the gravel pit/ jumps above the cemetery.. Cam was in the front of a bunch of us and I think his brakes snapped or he got loose in the gravel, I remember he went veering off the road into the weeds and barely stopped short of running into a big gravel sorter.
That was Awesome! haha

Cam said...

Look at this young whippersnapper remembering things. What a punk.

Keef said...

Mike, quit pointing out that we're wrong! It's rude.

I only got an Etto because Kristian had one and vouched for how rad it was. He pulled it off better than I did though. I remember actually reading the "instructions" for it and you weren't supposed to put stickers on it because the sticker residue might weaken the plastic shell. I put stickers on mine anyway.