Wednesday, January 29, 2014


As you know the other night I was playing with the settings on my digital camera when I accidentally erased all the pictures from my memory card.  Cam suggested I try a data recovery and Mike sent me an e-mail with some links to data recovery software.  Thanks guys, but mostly Mike!

Mike sent me four different links, but I checked out one his links to an article on data recovery from ComputerWorld.  The article is about data recovery from memory cards and USB drives and gives the run down on a few different programs.  I'm cheap, so I'm not going to spend $40 to $60 on some software that I'll only (hopefully) use once, so I tried two of the free programs, PhotoRec and Recuva.

The first program I tried was PhotoRec which the article said was very good, but I found it only recovered 3 files.  The interface is very stripped down and basic, it is strictly text and looks like an old DOS window.  This probably led me to screw something up which is why I didn't get many files back.  I gave the another try and the second try got a few more files back, but not many at 29.

Then I tried Recuva and managed to get well over 400 pictures back.  I didn't even know I had that many pictures on my memory card.  While I didn't get all  of my pictures back, I did get most of them.  Although, some of the recovered pictures were corrupted which resulted in a picture comprised of pieces of two different pictures, or a large section of a picture being blacked out.  It it still better than nothing!

Here are a few of the all time classic pictures saved from deletion.

Thumbs up Willie!

Chips'n Cheeze

Dirty skid outside Bob's Hamburgers(RIP)

Death of Slimer

Cody's best Vince impression


Cody goes to war

Burger time

Thanksgiving cupcake turkey

Forget the shirt, I need this tattoo

Kitten pillow

I'm not done with the pictures yet!  As I said some of the pictures were corrupted and all messed up.  Here are a few of the ones that actually look cooler all screwy.

I like it how this one still managed to keep a Star Wars theme!

I had to go and delete some of the corrupted images, but I still managed to save around 400 pictures.  That is pretty good and a lot more than I thought I'd ever get back.  Thanks Recuva, I'll be keep this program around just in case.


Cara said...

I'm sorry that Cam didn't help as much as Mike did. Next time I will encourage Cam to help more.

Cam said...

I apologize for NOTHING!

mike said...

Mike > Cam

Keef said...

Mike, nice job making Cam look bad.