Thursday, January 23, 2014

See ya CD playa

Remember this thing?

I found this in a box of electronic/gaming stuff in the basement.  I forgot I still owned a portable CD player.  I took it out to listen to it, but unfortunately it doesn't work any more.  It gets power, but the disc just spins and spins and spins and doesn't actually play music.  That sucks because I was looking for something to listen to my CD-Rs while I go jogging.

I've never actually owned a real stereo system as all of my systems have been the bookshelf kind.  My first CD player came in Christmas 1992 when I got a Sony Discman from my grandparents.  I hooked it up to my cassette bookshelf stereo via the aux input to listen to it.  I also got Sloan "Smeared" that Christmas as one of the first CDs I owned.  Eventually, I got upgraded to bookshelf stereo with a CD player, so I used my discman in front of the computer when playing games and stuff.  That is until my brother had a party and someone stole it.

Eventually, I replaced it with a Kenwood CD player, but that I rarely used it and later on got rid of it.  Then I got tired of driving to and from Cranbrook in my Wrangler with only a cassette player, so I bought this cheap Koss player and a cassette adapter, so I could listen to CDs on the drive.  Once I got the Cavalier which had a CD player I didn't really need the Koss any more, so it went into storage.  Now the Koss will go into the recycle bin with the rest of the other old broken outdated gadgets.


Cara said...

I'm just going to come right out and say it: my first CD was The Bodyguard soundtrack. Now shut up and leave me alone about it. Besides, I only listen to my Cocktail tape on my Walkman when I go jogging.

Keef said...

Well Cara at least your taste in CDs could only go up after starting with The Bodyguard.

mike said...

My first cd was garbage, no-I mean the band was Garbage.. wait, -I mean..

I remember at grad Cam bought me my first shelf stereo- I was such a brat- I don't know why he bought me anything but he did anyways.

My second shelf system was Cam's 'old' college one. It's my garage stereo now, and no, you can't have it back.

Basically I just wait for Cam to buy new stuff and then steal his old ones.

Keef said...

Mike, if Cam bought you a stereo it was only to keep you out of his room and from using his stereo. Right Cam?