Monday, January 20, 2014

Ooohh, scary stuff kids!

Yesterday after the flea market and disappointment of no Smash Burger, but before Crave we went to Urban Sound.  The very same Urban Sound where I got the Star Wars Christmas album and then bought the Count Floyd album.

Cody is the one who found it, but for some crazy reason didn't get it, so I picked it up.  I knew right away that it wasn't going to sound that great, but I liked the 80's cover art.  Plus it's Count Floyd!

It's not a full album, but a mini LP/4 songs as it says on the cover.  Doesn't that make it an EP then?  That is probably a good thing because it makes it easier to listen to if it's only a few songs.  I'm not sure I could handle a full album.  Joe Flaherty wrote the lyrics and performed them, but he doesn't actually sing so much as speak the lyrics.  He does have a backing band, The Wally Hung Experience, with music by Paul Flaherty who I'm assuming is Joe Flaherty's brother.

The music isn't that great with some disco-y sounding stuff and even some reggae thrown in.  The best song is "Count Floyd Is Back" that has Count Floyd going on stage after the Rolling Stones fail to show up for a concert much the disapproval of the audience.

The Count Floyd album is only the second SCTV related album put out with the first being the Bob and Doug McKenzie album.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing.  It's still a cool oddity/rarity to own, but I still bought it mostly for the cool cover art.  It's scary stuff!

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