Monday, January 27, 2014


I had the day off today and had planned to write something a little more entertaining for a blog post, but then I got distracted and ended up sitting in front of the TV.  I had multiple ideas to choose including three different toy related posts, but most of them involved some actual work instead of just some pictures and some boring rambling by me.

Speaking of pictures I've been contemplating getting a new digital camera for a while as my phone takes better pictures than my current camera.  I don't need or want some fancy DSLR, but just a decent, but cheap, no more than $150, point and shoot camera.  I can't decide what to get, a Sony, Canon, Nikon or Fuji?  Right now I'm too lazy to do any research, so we'll see what happens.

Tonight I was messing around with the settings on my current digital camera when I accidentally erased the memory card.  FACE PALM!  Of course, I hadn't backed up any of the pictures on it and some of them were over six years old.  Hey Cam, remember the PZ3 picture?  Yep, that was like the fourth picture on the memory card, it's that old.  So with the press of a button I flushed a few hundred pictures down the toilet.  That is why I hate all this digital BS!  If I had an old school camera I'd have prints of my pictures and negatives as backups.  Now I just take picture, don't get prints done and leave them on digital memory cards for me to erase by accident.  They were mostly garbage pictures on there I can easily live without, but there were also some I would've liked including a couple hiking trips with my dad, Logan and Avery.  There was also a blog post three years in the making on that memory card.  I was going to write it one day I swear!

Anyway, I'm totally bummed now.

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Cam said...

Did you format it? If so, take it out of the camera and search online for data recovery software, I know Sandisk has one designed to check memory cards for recoverable photos. Do this before you take any more pictures on the card, you might be able to get some of those back!