Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love bug

For the first Sunday in a while I actually went out today.  The past few Sundays I've had off I pretty much did absolutely nothing and sat around the house instead of going out.  Of course going out doesn't mean I went out for a walk or anything.

I went to the Sunnyside flea market and bought this cool Herbie Hot Wheels.  I got it from the same guy I got my HW Mystery Machine from.

I/we also got some other stuff, but I'm saving it for another post.  Don't get too excited because it's not that awesome, it's just picture intensive.

After the flea market we went to go eat WAY over at Smash Burger, but it wasn't open yet because someone broke into it last night and they we still cleaning up.  I guess something took the "smash" part literally.  It doesn't work that way!  So we headed over to Crowfoot Crossing and I bought a Happy Birthday cupcake from Crave.

I bought it and I ate and it's not even my birthday.

Also, last post I wrote about the candy and advent calendar I got from work, but on Friday they had more Christmas stuff.  This time it wasn't candy, but cards and gift wrap and it was all free.  They just dropped a pallet of it up front by customer service and it was a free for all of people grabbing stuff.

For some reason Cody grabbed a big bag of bows, six rolls of wrapping paper and a box of Christmas cards.  I don't think Cody even wrapped a single present this year and he needs all that stuff?  I've been using the same wrapping paper for three years running, those six rolls are going to last forever.  Unless it's a really really big present.


mike said...

nice bug Keith,
Eli got that one for Christmas too.

Now you need to buy a container to hod all of your Christmas wrapping supplies.

Keef said...

Good idea Mike, I think the recycle bin will be perfect for them!