Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nothing to report

The weekend is over and I officially did a whole lot of nothing.  Saturday morning I went and watched Avery's hockey game, then back over to Mt. Baker to watch the end of Logan's basketball game.   Other than being cold, that was it.

It snowed here all day Sunday, not really hard, but steady all day.  I think it is supposed to keep snowing for the next couple days too.  It would be nice for it to stop for my drive back, plus I already spent an hour shovelling snow this afternoon, I don't want to shovel any more.  It is supposed to warm up a little bit which is nice because I'm going skiing with my mom on Tuesday.

As I already said I didn't do much, so I have nothing to report.  All I got is this picture I took of the parking situation outside Mt. Baker.

That's okay, it is actually safer to walk to down the middle of the road.


mike said...

Hope no one crashes that teepee..

Keef said...

Mike I hope so too. It probably cost $10,000 of tax payer's money to build.

Also, it is STILL snowing! Skiing should be good tomorrow, driving back on Wednesday not so much. And more shovelling.

Cam said...

I bet the cool kids smoke in the wigwam.