Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's a record!

I was at Inner Sleeve the other day in Marda Loop and ended up buying a few records. 

The Chemical Brothers "Setting Sun" 12" single!  I like looking through the singles because they're cheap, most of them are around $5 each.  I hate that they put them under the albums, so you have to crouch or kneel down to look through them and my knees can't take too much of that.  I didn't look through them all, but one day if I'm lucky I'll eventually come across a House of Pain single.

The Empire Strikes Back storybook and record set and both the record and the book are in pretty nice shape.  I already have four copies of this, but you can never have too much of a good thing.  Make that six copies if you count the ESB book and cassette tape sets.  Also, that Disneyland 7" picture disc was the most expensive thing I bought.  I couldn't pass it up, it's a picture disc!

This post turned out a lot duller than I was expecting.  Then again, it can't be rabbit videos everyday.  Actually, it probably could as every time I leave the house or come home now I see at least one rabbit, sometimes two and the other day I saw three.  Tonight I went outside to get a CD out of my car and I literally almost tripped over a rabbit sitting of the sidewalk.  The rabbit ran away and then some kids chased after it.  The kids never came back.  I'm beginning to like rabbits.

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