Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If you were looking forward to the post I postponed due to my underwear, then you'll be disappointed as it's been put off again this time due to the Saints.

You are looking at the collector's edition for Saint Row IV!  I believe it is actually called the "Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition", but I'll just stick with collector's edition.  Due to the poor framing of my picture, the box is a lot bigger than it looks.  It's full of all kinds of goodness, so let's have a look.

That is all the goodies inside with the "Commander in Chief" version of the game right on the top.  The Commander in Chief version comes with a code for some USA themed bonus items like an Uncle Sam suit, the 'Merica gun and a Screaming Eagle VTOL jet.

The 8" Johnny Gat memorial statue.

The "button" as in the Dubstep Doomsday Button with key, so you can drop mad bombs.  I tried it out, but the sound quality isn't the best.

A 12" replica of the in game weapon, the Dubstep Gun.  The developer must like dubstep.  I haven't tried this out yet as I was too lazy to put the batteries in it.  It does play music from the game, lights up and has a laser.

This one wasn't in the box, I guess it came with all pre-orders from EB Games, but I also got a Saints Row flag.  Also, for pre-ordering the game I got a couple codes for in game costumes.

I have never actually played the first two Saints Row games, but if you read my blog then you know I played Saints Row The Third after picking it up at the pawn shop on the strip in Cranbrook.  I liked that it was over the top and didn't take itself too seriously.  I have never bought collector's edition of a video game that came with stuff like this before, so I decided to go all out for Saints Row 4.

I had to work today, so when I finished at 3 pm I went home, changed and went down to EB Games at Westbrook Mall and picked it up.  When I was waiting in line there was some 10 or 11 year old kid in front of me buying the game.  Do parents have any idea what kind of games their kids are playing?  Anyway, I came home, took some quick pictures and popped in the game.  After about 15 minutes of playing I finally got to punch a a guy in the nuts.  Took long enough.


Cam said...

Hopefully if they go all-out for Saint's Row V they might get the nut punching time down to under 5 minutes.

Keef said...

Saints Row V will come out on the next gen consoles which have much great processing power allowing for another level in nut punching we've only dreamed of. We are one step closer...