Monday, August 19, 2013


The regularly scheduled blog post has been pre-empted by some stuff that I got in the mail today.  A pair of underwear!

I got this pair of Monster Hunters boxer briefs on eBay.   I'm not even sure how I came across these as I don't remember searching "underwear" or "Monsters Hunter".  Monster Hunter is a video game from Capcom and I've never even played it.  Still it's not like I found them, but more like they found me.  I like these because they're pink and they've got little cartoon cat faces on them.  I'm easily impressed.

You know my original post was going to epically suck if it gets beat out my a picture of my underwear.


Cam said...

Were you wearing the underwear when this photo was taken? If so - ewww!

Keef said...

Sorry, I was not wearing them when I took the picture. I have to wash them first before I wear them. After that then ready for anything.