Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Story time

I've already posted about the cool 80s/90s posters and the Parkland exit sign I found in a box back in Cranbrook.  Well, that magical box ain't done just yet!  I also found another Parkland relic in the form of an old story that Cody and I had written for English class with Mrs. Leonard.

This story wasn't actually an assignment or anything, it is just something we wrote for fun.  It's a horror/comedy story that is neither scary nor funny called ATTACK OF THE CAMPELL KIDS.  The inspiration is obviously The Campbell Soup kids who were at the height of their popularity back in 1991.  We titled the story "Campell" and not "Campbell", so as to not get into any legal issues the Campbell Soup company.  That or it was just a typo.

There were lots of typos!  We wrote it on a typewriter, yes one of those, in the typing room in our free time.  This was before we had access to actual computers and word processing programs, so once a page was written, it was pretty much set in stone and we weren't going to go back and re-type anything.  Hence, why it is covered in ink!  We fixed any mistakes in pen because that was the easiest way to do it.  Once we finished the first page we decided to change some of the character's names, so we just crossed them out and wrote the new ones in pen.  The rest of the pages have the corrected names typed in.

Mrs. Leonard wasn't too sure what to do with our story and she let us know right on the front page.  Cody said she read it out loud in front of the class, but I have no memory of this happening which is probably a good thing.   I do remember that Darcy was in our class and he said "Butt, sweat and tears."  Classic Darcy.

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