Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monkey Business

The original post from Monday is still postponed due to monkeys!

Say hello to Milo, my awesome new figure.  I don't want to call him an "action figure", so maybe collectible figure.  His name is actually Baby Milo and he's the mascot for the Japanese clothing line, A Bathing Ape (BAPE).  I've never heard of BAPE, but when I saw Milo I knew I should get him.  He was on sale, so he's twice a cool.  Also he's a monkey and looks funny!

Milo is part of the Revoltech line of figures from Japanese toy make, Kaiyodo.  He comes with a bunch of different accessories including three different types of bananas.  Monkeys LOVE bananas.  He has magnets in his appendages to let him hold his accessories.

There is Milo making some new friends.  I will try to post more pictures of Milo with his different accessories, but I will probably forget or get lazy.

PS ~ I know he's an ape and not a monkey, but whatever.  He's a monkey to me!

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