Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thrift stylin'

It must seem weird that more than four days has gone by without me writing about something I bought at the thrift store.  That doesn't mean I haven't been to the thrift store because I totally have, I just haven't been writing about it.  I've got pictures my phone from almost two months ago that I haven't posted about yet.  One item did make a cameo in the background of certain cat picture.  I did go to a couple thrift stores today and discovered some treasure, so check it out.

The Bibles For Mission on 26th Ave is now my favorite thrift store, it also helps that it is one of the only thrift stores in my area.  I scored this awesome Tom Wopat CD and it's even autographed.

If you can't read the dedication it says;  
To Keith, from one good old boy to another, your pal and cousin-in-spirit, Luke Duke.
- Tom Wopat
Yes, it really says that.  Shut up!  The autographed Tom Wopat CD was my biggest find and premier piece, so feel free to quit reading now.  It goes downhill pretty fast.

I also got this big Sapporo beer glass, not that I drink beer or even drink from glasses.  It's still cool though.

Then I went to the Women in Need (WIN) thrift store and bought this cool Scooby-Doo pail.  You can see Scooby and Shaggy on the reverse side of the bucket looking out the back of the Mystery Machine.  I also bought two Calvin and Hobbes books for Logan and a Big Bang Theory t-shirt for myself.  I don't actually watch that show much, only in syndicated reruns when nothing is else is on TV.  That shows seems to be on a lot now.

Here is something I bought about a month ago and it's been sitting on the floor in the kitchen getting in the way every since.

I got another cassette tape brief case type holder.  Again, it's from Bibles for Mission where I got my Hartzell organizer and my other cassette brief case, that's the Bibles for Mission thrift store for all your cassette storage needs.

Unlike my Hartzell organized which is made in Canada, this case is made in the U.S.A.

It's pretty much empty right now except for a lonely Chili Peppers tape.

When I bought the Tom  Wopat CD and Sapporo glass at the Bibles for Mission they had a sign at the front till on a bunch of DVD cases that said someone had stolen all the discs out of the cases plus 29 others last week and now all discs are kept at the front counter.  What kind of dirtball steals DVD discs from the thrift store?  They only cost like $3 each?  Most of the people that work there are old people who volunteer and all the profits go to charities, not some evil corporation.  This is why we(the human race) can't have nice things.


Cam said...

All your Tom Wopat problems could be solved if you'd just change your name to Mildred you know. Thanks for representing Team Luke, there are too many Bo fans like Mike out there.

Keef said...

I remember back in the day playing Dukes of Hazzard with my cousin Cam. Since he was blonde he was Bo and since I had brown hair that made me Luke. The problem was that we had the wrong haircuts. Cam thought we should cut our hair to match Bo and Luke. Luckily, my mom caught us before any damage was done. Thanks mom!

Yeah, Luke was cool. Bo did more driving, but Luke was the brains and always came up with plans to catch the baddies and foil Boss Hogg.