Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bag *something funny*

I found this while going through a couple boxes of my stuff.  Every time I go home I try to look through some boxes and try and get rid of any junk I can.  I'm slowly (very slowly) getting rid of some stuff.  I took a bunch of old books into Pages, but I am definitely keep this awesome bag.

I got this bag from my Grandma who got me something, I can't remember what, from a skate shop down in the US.  I think she got me an extra bag and I had this one up on my wall as a poster.  I had it taped up with scotch tape because tacks would put holes in it, so now it's like in mint condition.  It's currently preserved rolled up inside a tube of other posters from the era like the Kevin Eastman Turtles, "Bo Knows", Kimberly ski hill map and Mars (Spike Lee) Blackmon for Air Jordan/Nike. Oh sweat!

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