Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Losin' it!

When I first moved to Calgary I hated it because I couldn't find a decent place to get my hair cut and my hair isn't that hard to cut.  Eventually, I finally found a place I liked, so I've been going there for the past 12 years or so.  It's called Signal Hill Barber Shop and it's over on Sirocco Drive SW, they do shaves with a straight razor.

Since I've been going there for so long I just have to walk in and they start cutting my hair and it's always done right.  Rob can cut my hair in like 5 minutes.  Recently, Abdul left to open his own shop in the NW and Eddie is in Iraq right now, so they are short a couple barbers.  They're all Lebanese guys, but it's kinda funny that they went and hired a middle aged Korean lady.  She cut my hair today and it took her a lot longer than five minutes to do it, but I guess she was taking her time to do it right.  I like my hair cut short, but she cut it a little shorter than I usually get it on the top.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Now it is so short you can really see that my hair is thinning out on top!  It's official I'm old, fat and losing my hair.  The ladies will all know I have nothing to offer, but they all knew that already.  The good news is that it will grow back.  Until then I will just wear a cowboy hat to cover it up, everyone wears them here in Calgary, so I will blend right in.


mike said...

Next time ask for the Friar;
Think of how happy you'll be when it grows back!

Cam said...

My hair is a bit thicker, but there's a lot more grey.