Thursday, July 18, 2013

I scream!

It was nice after having three days off to get only a five hour shift on my first day back at work.  Since I finished at 2 pm I had time to go home and change and do some other stuff like take in the recycling.  I dropped off the recycling and then headed over to the Marble Slab Creamery which right near there.

It was warm out,  I was craving ice cream and I really wanted some maple ice cream.  I was excited!  I should know by now not to get too excited because they didn't have any maple ice cream.  I even checked on their website which says they have it, but the location by me just didn't have any to annoy me.  It's like I'm not allowed to be happy.  All I wanted was maple ice cream!

With no maple ice cream I just went the next flavor that caught my eye and that would be bubble gum because it was practically glowing a mesmerizing neon blue.  I won't say how much it cost, but it was pretty expensive, but unfortunately it didn't taste that great.  It didn't even taste like bubble gum and there weren't even any bubble gum bits in it.  I did have some strawberries (s)mashed into it, but they didn't help it from being such a disappointment. 

I just blue myself.

Next time I will just go to Dairy Queen and get a strawberry blizzard.  Or I could buy some bubble gum ice cream from work which is cheaper and tastes a lot better.  Never again Marble Slab!

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