Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ice cream, the final frontier

In the Westhills shopping area there was a building that once upon a time used to be a Gap Outlet, then it turned into a Sony Store and Urban Barn.  I don't get why people shop at the Sony stores as most of that stuff can be bought at Future Shop/Best Buy/some Electronics Retailer for the same price or cheaper.  In the end people figured that out too as the Sony Store finally closed.  With it gone I was hoping they would put something cool in there instead of another clothing store or home decor place.  For once I got what I was hoping for when Mastermind Toys moved in!

Mastermind Toys labels itself as Canada's premier specialty toy retailer which is a fancy way of saying they sell education toys.  Mastermind Toys is based in Ontario and their Calgary store is the first outside of Ontario.  Even though they don't have action figures, video games and Nerf Guns like Toys R Us, they still have lots of neat stuff like freeze dried ice cream just like the astronauts used to space!

I went in knowing I had to buy something and when I saw this I knew I would be going home with it.  The gun that shoots out a guy with a parachute will have to wait until next trip.

No refrigeration needed, finally ice cream I can put in my pocket!

Hey, my ice cream is all melted, I mean broken.  

The truth is I knew the stuff would not be very good, but I had to try it.  It is neapolitan flavor and you can actually taste the difference between the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry pieces.  The package feels almost empty when you pick it up because it's freeze dried and the ice cream pieces are like little bits of styrofoam.  When you put it in your mouth it will slowly soften and gets a bit gooey then you can actually eat it

I tried a few pieces of every flavour, but I don't think I'll be finishing the package.  As I said I knew it wouldn't be very good and for once I was actually right.  I hope the Apollo astronauts had some better food to eat than ice cream.  With all the advances in science and technology I hope they had some other flavours of ice cream for today's astronauts to eat like tiger, bubblegum or maple.

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