Friday, July 26, 2013

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I was way up in Crowfoot the other day on my day off to go a used music and movie store called Urban Sound Exchange.  It's a bit more expensive than buying used stuff at Cash Converters, but while they have less of a movie selection they have a better music selection.  They also have a frequent buyer's card, but I always forget to bring mine, so over they years I've collected quite a few.

This time I had planned on going there and remembered to bring along four cards with me, so I could get them all combined.  When I did I had enough for a free CD and I ended up getting the soundtrack to the Living Daylights.  A-ha!  I also ended up buying a Pixies album.  Not just any Pixies album, but a live album.  From a concert they played in Calgary!


 Double disc!

Ohh, limited edition!

I probably paid more than I should've for it, but I still got it cheaper than whoever bought it in the first place.  This isn't a bootleg either, it's legit from DiscLive.  I don't get why someone would trade this in?  I'm sure they went to the show when they played and ended up buying the show on disc online and then decided to sell it for whatever reason.  Good for me I suppose.  Or is it?

After doing some snooping around the Pixies website and store you can buy digital downloads of tons of their live shows for only $3.99.  Dammit.  Oh well, if I pay for something I'd rather have a physical copy of it I can hold in my hands, look at, smell, and smooch.  Not some data that is on my hard drive until one my computer breaks and all my files get messed up.  CDs will be here forever.

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