Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lost and found

Remember two months ago I wrote about Hartzell's cassette tape case, The Organizer?  Well, forget about it because it's old news!  I've got something bigger and better, the cassette tape suitcase organizer!

Suitcase or briefcase?

I used to have one of these way back in the day.  It wasn't exactly the same, but it was pretty close, it was brown, suitcased shaped and had the same latch.  I think it had some fuzzy suede-like fabric on the outside instead other vinyl.

 Now that I think about it, "briefcase" sounds cooler and it's perfect for those long business trips.

I wasn't brand new like the Hartzell case, but it was in good shape and more importantly, it holds a lot more tapes.  It's from the thrift store, the exact same thrift store as the Hartzell case, the "briefcase" cost $2 plus GST.  Yeah, they charge GST. 

It did require some cleaning and minor maintenance.  I wiped the outside and the inside trays with some Clorox wipes, which kills 99.9% of bacteria.  I could eat off it or eat cereal out of the inside if all my dishes are dirty.  I also had to glue the brown vinyl flap back down that the hides the hinges on the inside.  I had to use the industrial strength glue to get it stick.  It smelled weird and made me feel funny.

All filled up, but most of those are storybooks tapes except for two band tapes, a JEM tape and a MC Hammer tape that doesn't have music, but some inspirational positive "be yourself" message on it.  I need at least another one of these "briefcases" for all my storybook cassettes back in Cranbrook.  Maybe I do need a cassette tape suitcase and not a briefcase?  Do they make a cassette tape duffel bag?


Cam said...

Any duffel bag could be a cassette tape duffel bag, just get the biggest one you can find and cram all your tapes in it!

Keef said...


Cam said...

Well sheesh, not all my comments can be comedy gold, I'M SURE I'M SORRY!