Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Long time no see

Yesterday morning I'm getting ready to go to work for 9am when my phone rings.  Normally, I don't answer the phone unless I recognize the name or number and this time I did recognize the number, but it's one that hasn't called my place in a long time.  It was my cousin Cam's old number, so I answered it and it turned out to be my cousin Katherine!

She's in town for a very quick trip going through some stuff they had in storage because the building where they stuff was being stored was down by the Stampede grounds and yeah, it got flooded out.  Cam had all his music equipment and other stuff stored there and it's all gone, only one PA may be able to be restored, other than it's all garbage.  That really sucks as they had insurance, but not flood insurance.  While Cam's stuff was in the basement, Katerine's stuff was on the floor above and was spared from any damage.  She came to organize and get rid of any old stuff.

I am now in possession of a chest that belongs to Murray.  I'm supposed to "take care of/enjoy it" for the time being.  Notice I said "chest",  it's not a box, but a metal chest and pretty damn heavy.  What is inside it that makes it so heavy?  Well, that's a post for another time of course.

As I said Katherine was only here for a couple days, but I met her this morning and got Murray's chest.  It has been a long time since I saw her last and it was great to see her again and talk to her, even though it was only an hour.  She still had some stuff to drop off at the thrift store, mostly some boxes of books, so we quickly went through them.  Katerine found some good mementos mixed in there and I got some old books of Murray's.

Katherine almost recycled this old Reader's Digest from August 1995.  I stopped her because Murray is in it!

Katherine said she never thought she see Murray in an article about good grades.  She took the two copies of Reader's Digest just in case she ever told this story and no one believed her.

The books I took are a few old comics, some old storybooks from Star Wars and ET and a Fall Guy colouring book.  They've been boxed up for a while, so some of them are bent and stuff, but I might be able to flatten them out.  I'm a borderline hoarder when it comes to crap like this, so I'll keep them regardless.

I also found two stickers cards, one from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and a Mork & Mindy one.

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! A letter to Santa from Li'l Murray!  What's inside?  Well, that is a blog post all on it's own.  Stay tuned!

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I love planets too!