Monday, July 8, 2013

Buenas nachos

Last night I was "surfing the net" as they used to say back in 1997 and while over at I got a stupid ad pop up as the page was loading.  At first I was all mad because I'm trying to look at stuff and this dumb ad is in my way, then I read what the ad for and I've never been happier to see a pop up ad in my life.  This afternoon while I was out I headed straight for Taco Bell.  Pop up ad, mission accomplished!

You see the pop up ad was for the new Doritos nachos supreme which takes their regular nachos supreme to a whole 'nother level with Doritos.  While watching UHF 82 from Rochester NY, I had seen ads for Taco Bell's Doritos tacos where the hard shell tacos are made from Doritos like cheese and cool ranch.  Sounds like heaven to me, but of course they aren't available up here because Mexico hates Canada.  What happened to the free trade agreement we signed with them in 1994?  If I'm not going to be able to get a Doritos taco, then I'll guess I'll settle for Doritos nachos supreme.

I also got a Crunch Wrap Supreme.  Everything is...supreme.

The Doritos nacho supreme are cheese Doritos with ground beef, cheese "sauce", sour cream, ground beef and chives on it.  Just eating the regular nachos supreme will get your hands dirty from cheese "sauce" and sour cream, where as eating the Doritos nachos supreme you get that plus the orangey cheese dust on your fingertips.  And the verdict is...meh.

Now, that I've tried them I have to say I'd rather have the plain old regular nachos supreme.  I don't need my nachos supreme to be all ritzy and fancy, I'll just keep it real and stick with the regular nachos supreme, which is more authentic and like real Mexicans eat.  Ole!

Fun fact: I had planned to take a picture of the Taco Bell over by our place in Westhills where I ate at to use in this post, but it didn't work out.  It was dark, overcast and raining and the front of the place was blocked by a bunch of cars, so I couldn't get a good picture anyway.  I borrowed the picture of the "restaurant" above from some other website.  I wish our Taco Bell looked that nice.


mike said...

you should go test the double down at kfc next.. or maybe wait a day for your body to recover first..

Keef said...

Fun fact #2: Over in Westhills the Taco Bell is literally right next door to KFC.

If you were hardcore, and I mean HARDCORE, you could go to KFC and a get a double down then go over to the Bell and get a drink (free refills) and Doritos nachos supreme as your side. It will most likely land you in the hospital or possibly much worse, but what a ride!