Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July

I already teased Murray's Christmas letter, so now it's time to deliver.  As I said when Katherine was going through the storage she found some stuff she was going to get rid of.  Murray's Christmas list almost found it's way in the recycle pile, but I saved it!  Recycling is evil!

The letter is addressed to Santa from Murray and as you can see the letter never actually made it's way to Santa, but instead went straight to Santa's middle man, Murray's mom. 

When I read the letter I thought, "Wow, 5 year old Murray has pretty nice penmanship."  Then I realized that Murray didn't even write the letter!  Murray probably just dictated the letter to his secretary, also his mom, then signed his name on it.

Sorry if anyone was expected some hilariously and poorly written letter to Santa from Murray because we all got shafted on that one.  Murray totally redeems himself by including pages straight out the Sear Wishbook with his letter to help out Santa, again his mom, with picking the gifts.  The pages from the Sears catalog are AWESOME!

I scanned the pictures in a large size because you need to see them in the full size glory to really appreciate them.  They are coming in around 1 MB per page, but so worth it.  Enjoy.



But what I really want to know is, did Murray get what he wanted for Christmas that year?


Anonymous said...

You see that Millenium Falcon at the bottom page? He got that!

Keef said...

Sounds like Murray had a pretty good Christmas then!