Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello from Cranbrook!

Okay, here is some stuff from my trip to Cranbrook.  I was going to post it yesterday, but I got distracted, then disappointed by some blue ice cream.

I ate lunch at the Subway downtown and had a good view of the Armond.  Even though it was downtown and it was lunch time, it wasn't really that busy.  They really should do something with that building, maybe one day Willie's dream will come true of fixing it back up into a movie theatre.  I can make the popcorn!

At first glance this is a pretty boring picture, but the concrete square framing the tree has little cast iron pictures in each corner.

They're trains!  I noticed a bunch of different ones, but didn't see Thomas.  I'll have to admit that downtown Cranbrook doesn't look half bad, well at least on 10th Ave it doesn't, but it's not like there is anything done there to look at.

The war memorial in Rotary Park.

Nice parking job there champ!

Cranbrook Ed and Puss in Boots!  Way back when I originally started my "Free photo apps series", that went nowhere, I downloaded the free Puss in Boots app from Dreamworks.  It's been on my phone for over a year and this is the first time I used.  It's pretty basic and the image quality is a bit poor.  At least I finally got to use it and now I can remove it from my phone!

A full size picture of the Doctor Love 'vette without Bieber getting in the way.  It would be funnier if they drove a Mini or a Fiat.

I stopped by Willie's to drop off a CD-R of Windy City 4 mp3s, but he wasn't home.  I'm assuming he wasn't home as his mailbox was stuffed full of old papers.  I thought this would be my perfect chance to break in and help myself to all his Pearl Jam stuff.  I went to sneak around the back where it would be more discreet, but noticed he got a new guard dog.  Well played Willie.

I stopped at the Husky in Radium on my way back to grab some beef jerky and Red Bull, but they were all out of Sugar Free Red Bull.  What a rip!  I managed to make it home without falling asleep though.  As I was sitting in my car getting ready to pull out I saw some sheep on the hill behind the gas station.  I just zoomed in with my phone and took the picture.  I should've ran up and tried to feed them beef jerky.

That is it until next time!

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cody said...

Looks like Willie had a similar problem with that deer that we have with that damn rabbit. I say 'had' because Willie was probably pummeled to death by the animal. That's why the papers haven't been picked up.