Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cheeseburger you can eat with a spoon

The past few days have been pretty nice here in Calgary the other day it was +22C and yesterday it was +19C.  But of course that all changed!  Some Arctic air came in and brought a snowfall warning of 10 - 20 cm with it.   They were also issuing warnings of do not go out and stay off the highways unless you had to travel because of blowing snow.

Cody is all sick now and decided it would be good for him to walk down to Co-op because gets rid of a cold faster than freezing to death outside in a snowstorm.  I went along because I wanted to watch a movie, but I was all out of chips.  You can't watch a movie without some chips!

I got my chips.

I also got some bacon cheeseburger slider soup.

I had actually wanted to go out and do stuff today, but didn't on account of the snow.  The main roads seemed not too bad, just slushy and wet, so I guess I could've gone and done something.  It is supposed to warm up on Tuesday, maybe I can do something then.  I'm looking for a cool Halloween mask that's in the Target flyer and of course the Target next to work doesn't have it.  They will all be totally sold by Halloween!  Noooo!!

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