Thursday, October 17, 2013


Remember a while ago I wrote about how I bought those Real Ghostbusters McDonald's toys at the flea market?  Well, I brought them back to BC with me because why have them taking up space at my place in Calgary when they can be taking up space here in Cranbrook!

I also mentioned that I already knew I had the PKE water bottle from the same set of Ghostbusters toys, but turned out I also had the Egon spinner whichs means that set of Ghostbusters bike toys is now 100% complete.

The PKE water bottle is pretty straight forward.  The Egon spinner mounts on your handle bars with a propeller like disc on the front and Egon on the top.  As you ride your bike the air spins the propeller disc which in turn spins Egon.  I wonder why they picked Egon to be the character on the spinner?  Riding a bike doesn't seem like an Egon "thing", they should've gone with Ray instead.  That seems more like something his character would do.

All four pieces in the set!  I bet I could probably sell all those for $12 or something.  Turns out I had an extra PKE water bottle too, so now I can open one.  Yeah, right!


mike said...

Too bad you don't have a bike to put these on.. Does Willie still have his pink norco?

Keef said...

I have a bike! It's a KHS, green and both the tires are flat. It is sitting in my basement in Calgary. I'll post a picture when I get back.

mike said...

How strange; we have two bikes hanging in the garage with flat tires as well. I bet Cam's tires are worn right off from all the riding he's done..

Cam said...

My tires aren't worn flat, but they ARE inflated properly. I rode to the mailbox last week!