Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guaranteed to make you howl!

The last couple days have been pretty quiet aka boring.  On Friday night we went to the hockey game to watch the Ice lose to the Saskatoon Blades.  They should've won, but totally fell apart in the 3rd period.  Anyway, they got a brand new zamboni this year.

It still has the Dixon's Service Centre on the side, but has a cool picture of Shivers, the yeti dude, right on the  front of the zamboni.  I think the old zamboni got moved over to the the Memorial arena.

On Saturday, not much happened, I can't even remember what I did!  Not much happened on Sunday either, but I went up to Kimberley/Marysville with my sister and Avery.  We stopped at some flea market/vintage crap/artisan thing in Marysville where I bought a couple of old Disney comics and a glass necklace for my mom.

Yaah, comics!

Some lady made glass jewellery and other stuff, so I bought the necklace from her.  For some reason when I asked how much the necklace was she said 2 for $15.  What if I only want one?  It still seemed pretty cheap, so my sister picked out one for herself.  In the basement of the hall where this thing was at was more stuff including a couple of old Disney comics that I bought.  They were only $3 which was okay, anything more than that would've been too much.

My sister asked me if the guy upstairs was Cam's father-in-law and I was like, "I don't know I've never met him."  When I went back upstairs I just looked for the the table with an Italian looking guy at it.  Moustache spotted!  I checked out his table and his business cards and sure enough it was Guy Santucci.  He was busy giving a sales speech to some perspective customers, so I didn't bother to interrupt.  Too bad because I could've tried out some Italian jokes from my new joke book I bought at the Hospital Auxiliary.

It's so awesome, that it's actually two books in one because if you turn it over it's also "The Official Polish Joke Book".  I'll throw out some of my favourite Italian jokes circa 1973.

What do they call removing a splinter from an Italian's ass?
Brain surgery. 
Where does an Italian hide his money?
Underneath the soap. 
Why do Italian's talk with their hands?
Because they can't stand each other's breath. 
What is the best way to grease a Ferrari?
Run over an Italian. 
How do you break an Italian's finger?
You punch him in the nose. 
What do you get when you cross an Italian with an ape?
A retarded ape.

I have to stop there because I could on and on and on and on and on.  But can you believe that my copy of this book is the twenty-sixth printing?  People sure love their Polish/Italian joke books.

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Cara said...

Mama mia Keith! Those jokes are pretty mediocre. You have to ask a real Italian (aka me) for some good jokes:

What does an Italian have when one arm is shorter than the other?

A speech impediment

What’s a Specimen?

An Italian Astronaut

Next time you'll have to introduce yourself to my dad and try out the Italian jokes.