Saturday, October 5, 2013

Watch-a want

Do you like Beastie Boys?  Do you like watches?  Do you like giving to charity?  Yes?  Then have I got an offer for you!

Head over to the Beastie Boys website where they teamed up with Nixon to produce a limited edition watch with all proceeds going to the Adam Yauch park in NYC.  Supplies are limited and I read at another webpage that they had sold out, but you can still buy them from the BB site.  I tried to buy a green watch, but it said it was sold out, but when I selected blue one there was no problem.  The red watch doesn't even show up in the selection area.  In the end I got the white one.  Pics when I get it!  It's also tax deductible.

You want this one?  Too bad it's sold out!  Also, why is Mike D on there?

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